Montmartre – the bohemian side of Paris!

I was very curious about this quaint area of Paris that is very rich in artistic history. We had never been there before and were ready to explore. Now, Montmartre is always on our Paris itinerary! If Paris is on your bucket list for the future, you probably will see the obvious iconic sites likeContinue reading “Montmartre – the bohemian side of Paris!”


Amsterdam is a compact, historical and very charming city that is a blast to explore! It’s actually one of my favorite cities in Europe and is one the most popular travel destinations in Europe. Amsterdam is well-preserved and is appealing with its 17th-century architecture that provides a quaint backdrop for a city famous for itsContinue reading “AMAZING AMSTERDAM!”

Paris: Montmartre and Musee de I’Armeee

Every time I go to Paris, I think I have to go to the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre,  and the Champs-Élysées…but this last trip we decided to dig a little deeper and check out some other areas and museums that may not get as much billing as some of the better known attactions. We hadContinue reading “Paris: Montmartre and Musee de I’Armeee”